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Non O Visa based on Marriage and Work Permit / Non B 1 year Multiple Entries

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Hi Guys,


New on this forum, and very happy to join !


I can't find accurate information regarding the legality of working in Thailand under a Non O visa with a Work Permit.

Basically, I'm shareholder of my company working for 4 years with a Non B Visa and a work permit. I married a Thai 2017.

This year seems very difficult to get a 1 year Non B Visa in Penang as did the past years  (due to the lack of qualified Thai in my business, I have 3 work permit in my company and only 9 Thai staff so I must avoid the extension of Non B 3 Months at the immigration). According the info on this website it remains possible (and apparently easy ?) in Saigon or Savannakhet for a Non O spouse Visa. I have contacted a few lawyers, all told me that Non O + Work Permit is in row with the law, but they don't confirm if the Ministry of Labor will agree to extend or not my WP (Feb. 2020) with a Non O. Then I'm a bit lost !

Is anyone of this forum in a similar situation ? Any info about a consulate still issuing 1 Year Non B Multiple.

Thanks for your help !

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You can get a work permit and work with a non-o visa based upon marriage to a Thai.

Just show your marriage certificate when the work permit application is done to prove the reason the non-o visa was issued.

You could apply for an extension of stay based upon marriage to a Thai by using your income from working to meet the 40k baht income requirement.

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Many thanks UbonJoe. That's brilliant 🙂

It means that my WP will be extended without any problem at the Ministry of Labor (BKK) if I hold a Non O in Feb. 2020. This is the question the contacted "specialist" lawyers didn't reply actually. 

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