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Has anyone tried switching to Vegetarian food for 2 weeks?

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Tried it for 47 years still alive, I would not eat meat again if you paid me it's a filthy habit 😃

"I would not eat meat again if you paid me...".   Meat eating is unhealthy, immoral and cruel.   Humans are talking apes.   There is no moral argument that can justify hu

No meat???  For God sake...   Why would anyone want that? I love eating ... What a miserable way to be... no meat?... ugh. May as well take away beer, girls and oxygen while you ar

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Well, I've been eating lots of raw peanuts (BIG C sells 500 grams for 43 and 44 Baht). They stimulate regularity and fill you up nicely. Hope this will help someone wanting to lose weight. 


Add Psyllium Husk, mix it with cold milk or let it turn the milk into some kind pf pudding, then eat it with fruit. It will also give your gut bacteria a workout. And lead to weight loss.


The docu is against eggs, but I found them to be great for a snack. Boiled eggs that is. 

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tried it for one year and I hated it.  Made my gut hurt and gave me wind, felt bloated and unhealthy for most of that 12 months. never again.  I regularly, like every day, eat either chicken, pork, or fish, rarely beef.  Feel good on that diet. As for vegans, well, words fail me. 

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On 7/27/2019 at 7:18 PM, Xavnel said:

No meat??? 

For God sake...

  Why would anyone want that?

I love eating ... What a miserable way to be... no meat?... ugh.

May as well take away beer, girls and oxygen while you are at it.. 


You sir cannot be my friend... 



I love to eat too if it was up to me id be eating Coldstone ice-cream and pizza and spare ribs all the time. Unfortunately that is not good for my health and weight. So i control what I eat and workout a lot made me look good feel good even got more abs and muscle as when i was young. 


Its all about priorities if yours is eating then so be it other things will suffer, same as with me I can't eat all what I want but I feel good look good and to be honest most of the time don't miss the food that much. My wake up call came when i was so fat (actually a lot less fat then other foreigners but still fat for me) that i hated being on pictures and would certainly not take my t shirt off. 


After that lost 25 kg gained a few kg back during the years lost them again now leaner as ever more muscular too. Priorities and consistency making small changes and making it a lifestyle not a diet. Diets don't work as when you stop them you go back to your old eating pattern that got you fat in the first place. Hardest thing for me is not drinking sugary drinks (fruit juices / lemonades from Sungold) . Have eliminated them for the most part but sometimes can't resist. 


And I eat meat of course lots of proteins, unprocessed carbs, and fats. 

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11 minutes ago, simon43 said:

I'm not a vegetarian, but I mostly eat non-meat foods because of the poor choice of quality meat in Thailand, (unless you pay good money for it).


Having a Scientific background, (and teaching Science every day to my students), I've learnt a lot about the human digestion system and the composition of foods, healthy diets etc.  I get most of my non-plant minerals from eating oily fish.  My daily diet typically consists of raw vegetables, fruit, nuts, muesli, keffir milk, oily fish, eggs for protein.


I can say that since embarking on a mainly vegetarian diet about 3 years ago, I have never felt more healthy than I do right now.  I never have stomach problems, but do get some wind of course (non-threatening odourless sort!)

My meat consumption is not that high that I cant afford it maybe 200 grams uncooked (weight I mean I cook it of course)  a day. Usually from the expensive pork. Not sure how the part is called but it has not much fat and is a long cut. I eat chicken too beef not really as you say hard to find quality not expensive beef.


The rest is pretty much what you describe plus some yoghurt and protein powders to get my proteins up. (i do a lot of heavy weight lifting and some cardio most days of the week)


Must say since i changed what I eat and workout more never been better. 



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I have no moral concerns about eating meat, only health concerns about eating poor quality meat. 


As a youngster, I used to go pheasant shooting in the UK, kill a couple of pheasant, take them home, hang them for a week and then eat them.  Very healthy meat.

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Copped a pretty bad Bait once, that for almost 2 Months I'd puke if I tried to meat eat.

So I compromised, where at first I was all fruit, fruit'n'fruit... etc


eventually found to use mushrooms as a total replacement for meats, till the flora eventually fixed itself.


these days I still often slap in the bowl a some big field mushroom, surrounded with rice,

fill the mushroom cup with a whisked egg, a layer of cheese covering it all - in the hot air oven


all the proteins you need!



luckily I never tried full vegan!!

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