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Has anyone tried switching to Vegetarian food for 2 weeks?

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Tried it for 47 years still alive, I would not eat meat again if you paid me it's a filthy habit 😃

"I would not eat meat again if you paid me...".   Meat eating is unhealthy, immoral and cruel.   Humans are talking apes.   There is no moral argument that can justify hu

No meat???  For God sake...   Why would anyone want that? I love eating ... What a miserable way to be... no meat?... ugh. May as well take away beer, girls and oxygen while you ar

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5 hours ago, BobBKK said:

You think our teeth are carnivorous (or vegetarian i.e. flat)?  we can eat raw meat or we have to cook it to be palatable?  there is NO argument for meat eating especially if you have concerns for world hunger or a smidgen of understanding the hell animals go through to satisfy your lust for cooked flesh.

We are omnivores we have always eaten meat even chimps eat meat. So don't act like we cant eat it or are not build for it. We certainly are NOT herbivores nor are we pure meat eaters.



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18 hours ago, robblok said:

We are omnivores we have always eaten meat even chimps eat meat. So don't act like we cant eat it or are not build for it. We certainly are NOT herbivores nor are we pure meat eaters.



We are not built for it and it causes world hunger/ Just be honest you eat it because you like it and don't care about animals - fair enough but just be honest.

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19 hours ago, Mukdahanman said:

Isn’t it great to be top of the food chain though?

Hooe you come back in your next life as a lentil 

What's Barbara Streisand got to do with this?

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10 minutes ago, BobBKK said:

We are not built for it and it causes world hunger/ Just be honest you eat it because you like it and don't care about animals - fair enough but just be honest.

We are build for it and chimps eat meat too. You should be the one who needs to be honest. We are omnivores not herbivores. Science proves it. Sorry I just disagree with you. There are 3 categories, carnivore, omnivore, herbivore and we are omnivore. Meaning we can eat meat herbivores cannot. We can eat both. 




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On 8/1/2019 at 5:30 PM, CGW said:

To you maybe? based on one article by a arab doctor at a medical institute, your easily convinced :wink:

I could post many articles to back up what I stated, but it appears you have made up your mind.


Not one, but many. More fool you for continuing to believe this BS that was promoted by ONE person in a 1996 book which he made money on.









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23 hours ago, Skeptic7 said:

Interesting FYI... 


Differences between carnivores and herbivores. 


Nearly all animals have canine teeth regardless of diet. The hippopotamus is strictly an herbivore and has the largest canines of all. Camels have large canines too, as do other herbivores. 

1. Carnivores have sharp molars/humans and herbivores are flat
2. Carnivores have claws and paws/humans and herbivores hands or hooves
3. Carnivores have large oral cavities/humans small
4. Carnivores have short digestive tracts/humans and herbivores long
5. Carnivores pant to cool the body/humans and herbivores sweat
6. Carnivores lap liquids/humans and herbivores sip
7. Carnivores produce their own vitamin C/humans and herbivores get it from their diet
8. Carnivores don't chew much and saliva doesn't have digestive enzymes/humans and herbivores chew and saliva does have digestive enzymes
9. Carnivores are quick and cunning and kill with claws and teeth/humans are not and don't
10. Carnivores kill then eat raw meat/most humans buy pretty packages of pre-killed meat and usually cook it. 

Hippopotamus have developed long canines, not to eat, but as offensive weapons against other males before breeding season to determine which animal will mate with the female herd.

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18 minutes ago, BobBKK said:

We are not built for it and it causes world hunger/ Just be honest you eat it because you like it and don't care about animals - fair enough but just be honest.

What rubbish!

Animals eat meat because it is the best way to get calories.

Have you ever noticed in those documentaries on the African savannah that the herbivores are constantly eating whilst the carnivores have the time to take a nap? Without eating meat, Homo Sapiens would never have had the time to develop into what we are.


From an evolutionary stand-point, our domestic animals that we eat are wildly successful as their numbers would never have increased to what they are today. Nature doesn't care about individuals.

What are your feelings on natures other carnivores, you know, the ones that don't care about the feelings of their prey?


Congratulations on your personal decision not to eat meat for ethical reasons, but don't foist your personal decisions on other people, or, make judgement about those people according to your self-perceived righteousness and saintliness. It's boring at best.

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1 hour ago, Joe Mcseismic said:

More fool you for continuing to believe this BS that was promoted by ONE person in a 1996 book which he made money on.

Well, you could have told me before, the only book I have ever read and it's BS! 23 years meticulously following his diet, day in, day out! 😞 

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Spent a month at a monastary a few years ago, they have a weed and stick menu with lots of rice. The first 5 days splatter every where, black xmelly stuff after that no bowel movement until I got some meat. I did lose around 10 kilos in one month. But I am a meat eater along with a good steak, my girlfriend nothing like a bit of meat

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    I did a vegetarian two week diet a few years ago.  My doctor was insisting on using cholesterol lowering drugs.  I had read up on the dangers of these drugs and wanted nothing to do with it.  I told him we would discuss it at our next meeting.  Two weeks before the meeting I went vegetarian.  BTW!  That is different than vegan.  I did include eggs and some dairy in my diet.  I found the new processed soy chicken patties really good no feeling of deprivation at all from eating them on sandwich bread.  I also found vegetarian meatballs made from grain and soy quite nice.  Today they have huge variety in vegetarian meats with no animal products inside.

    I had my blood test for the next meeting with the doctor and he looked into his computer screen and said,"I have never seen such results.  I can't believe how well the statin drugs are working for you.  Truthfully this is  amazing."  

    I reminded him that we agreed to no statin drug and I had used my own methods.  I described my diet.  He turned his back to me.  He searched his computer screen in vain looking for his statin prescription then he announced the test was a fluke.  There was no known way to lower cholesterol by eating methods.  He wanted to give a prescription immediately and have it filled at his office.  (must be a big profit center for him)

    He is no longer my doctor.

    I am not doing vegetarian right now but think I probably should again before fall.  I am in the states now and those long dark winters inside pack the weight on you.  A few weeks of a vegetarian diet cleans up lots of fat on the body.   Besides lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure a vegetarian diet will clean up fatty liver deposits.  

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On 8/2/2019 at 3:09 AM, JimmyJ said:

Suggestion for the posters who believe that vegan food is not tasty and doesn't have variety:


If in Bangkok, have a meal at May Veggie Home:

8/3 Sukhumvit Soi 16 (at Asoke Sukhumvit intersection, Ratchadapisek Roak Klong Toei), Bangkok, Thailand, 10110


In Chiang Mai, try Vegan Heaven:

44/6 Loi Kroh Rd , Chiang Mai, Thailand, 50100

or Vegan Heaven 2:

Or I was about to also suggest Vegan Heaven 2, but just read on HappyCow.net:

"Second branch of Vegan Heaven, changed name in June 2019 and became a fully vegan pizzeria."

Haven't tried it's new incarnation, but looking forward to it and expect it to be delicious.

27/2 Moon Muang, Soi 9, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 50300


The owner has another CM restaurant, I believe her 1st, this one vegetarian - Taste from Heaven. Haven't yet gotten there.



These are only 2 restaurants. There are tons of others.

( I dined at many in CM, but the only one I ate at in Bangkok was May's. Several times).

Happycow.net lists vegetarian and vegan restaurants with reader reviews.

The free version of the phone app gives a max of the last 3 (or maybe it's 5) reviews of each restaurant.

The pay app gives access to all the reviews. (The only phone app I've ever paid for).

    There are two excellent vegetarian food booths at the MBK food court.  I had the vegetarian dishes from one of the indian vendors also.  This food is good tasting and interesting and something we don't get in the states at all.  They do lots of veggies and meat substitutes made of mushroom and soy.  When I ate there I didn't miss my meat portions at all.  I did eat heaping amounts of it because I was working out and needed more calories.  My body really liked it.  

     I am back in the US and can't find food like this at all.

     Ate at May Veggie which had vegan ice cream and desserts.  That is something you don't see at most veg places.

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On 8/1/2019 at 7:44 AM, robblok said:

My meat consumption is not that high that I cant afford it maybe 200 grams uncooked (weight I mean I cook it of course)  a day. Usually from the expensive pork. Not sure how the part is called but it has not much fat and is a long cut. I eat chicken too beef not really as you say hard to find quality not expensive beef.


The rest is pretty much what you describe plus some yoghurt and protein powders to get my proteins up. (i do a lot of heavy weight lifting and some cardio most days of the week)


Must say since i changed what I eat and workout more never been better. 



i think you refer to the filet, like a forearm long.

easily the best food in the world

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 Went vegetarian for about six  months. Age 62

Mo meat, No poultry, only vegetables and fish (wild caught salmon, cod)

I came back to Thailand and both me and the wife  went to one of these places you do a blood check.She eats everything, and I was going to show off to her of my enlighten ways.

Her Cholesterol was fine, my cholesterol was 200, hdl was low , LDL was high , my BP was high!Triglycerides was high. 

<deleted> !!!

I could not believe it. went to a different place thinking the screw the test up. Same results. My wife is still laughing at me.

So back to the drawing board. did my research , watched a bunch of nutrition seminars on You Tube. Ketones sugar, insulin resistance etc. 

as it turns out , I was drinking too much beer,(one can of beer is equal to one can of coke) and with all the carbs from the veggy diet,  my sugar was high, which drove my triglycerides and LDL high. 

So went to a high protein diet, cheese, meat only as a condiment to food eggs,chicken(0nly grass fed beef) , simple carbohydrate , no complex carb diet. an egg every day.Ans cut out the beer.

My blood pressure has stabilised to normal, My sugar is 98, Have not checked my cholesterol yet.

Just checked my sugar, Two hrs after a big Tomato with feta cheese and olives in Olive oil and vinegar dressing salad.  Sugar 88.  BP a litle high 136/72 heart rate 56bpm 

But I feel great, and lost 10 lbs and three inches on my belly, not my penis you perverts if I lost there inches on my penis it would become  a vagina 😂

Anyway have a doctors appointment next month will retest and re-assess.


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I tried a fruit only week last week

After 3 days I developed a craving for meat and cheese and onion crisps

I  do exercise a lot, and in the heat, I reckon my body needed the salt

Gone off fruit for now

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