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345 for a tin of corned beef

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On 7/29/2019 at 6:44 PM, marcusarelus said:

That's one of the big reasons I stay in Thailand.  I can eat anywhere I want and tell my wife to order anything she wants.  Rayong not Bangkok.  I can buy any phone I want.  I can tell my driver to drive anywhere I want.  I can stop at the local place and choose any company I want.  I live where I want, had the furniture I want custom made.  I make my own food and buy anything I want to accomplish that.  I cure corned beef and ham.  


One of the nicest things is doing what I want to do and that is priceless.  

Yes, you seem to be one lucky bugger,you can do anything you want.

regards worgeordie

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Wondering if anyone on TV has tried the 250 grams packet of Californium green grapes at 900 baht. Or perhaps the 200 gram packet of black cherries at 790 baht. If you have were they worth the extra.

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On 7/28/2019 at 5:28 PM, baneko said:

Whats the most expensive food you have bought here?

Packet of McVities ginger nuts imported from the UK, 69bht in Rimping.

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Posted (edited)
On 7/29/2019 at 6:23 PM, Thaidream said:

The Us did have rationing during the  WW II and  the Corned Beef in a tine was given to US soldiers and was called Spam.   After the war- a standing order in our house was no food in a tin- ever.  Also, rice was forbidden as my father served in Asia  during  the war.

Corned beef and Spam are completely different products, from different animals.


Corned beef is made from BEEF.

Spam is S(piced) P(ork) And ha(M)


I quite like corned beef, but am not so keen on Spam.

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