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Where digital nomads can legally work in Asia

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Where digital nomads can legally "work" in Asia these days?


What I mean is foreign companies paying foreign currency into foreigners' bank accounts, but the foreigners are physically located outside their home countries.


As Thailand is becoming less and less of an attractive or even a legal option, we digital nomads would like to know if these countries are fit for remote workers.

Developing economies: Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia?

Advanced economies: Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan?


Many Eastern European countries like Estonia, Serbia, Georgia, and Armenia are openly welcoming digital nomads. What about Asian countries?


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What's wrong with Thailand?


If the money comes into Thailand during the same tax year it was earned, you declare it and pay tax. If not, you don't.




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6 hours ago, amykat said:

I am not seeing exactly how this is different than a retired person who brings in their money and just spends it, as long as the digital nomad is really not competing for jobs within Thailand, not selling something within Thailand, etc.


Everyone is paying some taxes, just not income taxes.  We are paying consumption taxes of various kinds, depending on us, that can be a lot or a little, more than the average Thai I am pretty sure,  and the people we help to employee pay taxes and buy things, etc. Not just directly employ, but our economic activity.


If these people were in a Western country, would they earn enough to pay income taxes?  Up to the individual and where they live but I think most of them can get by because they leverage the lower cost of living, and minimal taxes, no daycare if they have kids, etc.  If that person is back in your country, you might be partially supporting them??

So we can all give up income tax in our home countries because we pay other taxes? DMs are just scroungers and blodgers wanting a free ride....basically illegal immigrants.  But from wealthy,  democratic countries.

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