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Thailand VS Vietnam? Which one will be better in 5yrs?

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What an unpleasant thing to post , may get deleted 

Jeez what the heck is this? Old white men are a cancer? As opposed to old black men or old white women? Nothing truthful about your disgusting comment, I think you've gone a bit wonky from the heat.

Most people still think of Vietnam as some the village pictured in movies in the 80s, you need to google Search the City of Danang and watch Youtube Videos about it and you would be amazed. it is Way

I’ve been visiting VN for many years to the north, south, mountains and central areas. I really enjoy my 2 or 3 visits a year but as much as I like it here I don’t want live here (I’m in Vietnam now). 

The country is progressing rapidly and I believe it will overtake Thailand in not too many years. The attitude towards foreigners both as expats and investors is much better than Thailand. The Vietnamese mind is much more open, they’re willing to listen and learn without feeling a loss of face.

To be honest I wish I felt I could live here but for now, even with the negativity towards us getting ever more prevalent, Thailand is still where I want to live

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for me it depends on which country offers the best hassle free cheap visa, and if the visa situation is prone to change or if i can reliably lay down and wait for death without anyone disturbing,

least of all immigration

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13 hours ago, SteveK said:

How many old black men or old white women are ex-pats in Thailand?


I'm not saying that old white guys are cancer. I'm saying that they are seen as a cancer by governments such as Thailand's, hence all the effort to force them out. Please read my post before posting stupid comments.

Very unplaisant is his norm, when they go low we go high! 

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