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Thailand VS Vietnam? Which one will be better in 5yrs?

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7 hours ago, Susco said:


Yeah, a few years ago it was also over all the forums that Myanmar would steal the tourism spot from Thailand. It was such a beautiful country, with everyone speaking English, everyone was to move there.



It's a forum of " gunnas"... Gunna move here gunna move there and in the end its, ain't gunna move anywhere 🤣

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What an unpleasant thing to post , may get deleted 

Jeez what the heck is this? Old white men are a cancer? As opposed to old black men or old white women? Nothing truthful about your disgusting comment, I think you've gone a bit wonky from the heat.

Thailand is cheap?? And Bangkok is a great place to live?????? <deleted>?  Yes veitnam rocks , after 9 years based in Thailand, I started coming to Vietnam 2 years ago, won't be back i

On 8/1/2019 at 4:34 AM, Cadbury said:

Or do you live in Googleland?

I met a girl there and she googled my yahoo in Myspace, when I woke up she was gone in an instagram..keep a pic of her in my facebook...considering retiring there 🙂

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