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Self Storage: A Safe Haven in Bangkok for Belongings Big or Small

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Self Storage: A Safe Haven in Bangkok for Belongings Big or Small


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Convenient and secure, Bangkok Self Storage offers high quality storage solutions for every budget.


SPACE. There’s just never enough of it in Bangkok. Thanks to shrinking living quarters and increasingly cramped work spaces, finding a spot to store your favourite magazines or even archive important documents can become a puzzle of Tetris-style proportions. So, what to do?


Well, like most people you could cram everything into one area of your room or office – creating a pile which quickly becomes a disorganized mess – or you could take the sensible option and seek out a professional storage company, such as Bangkok Self Storage.


Established in 2004, Bangkok Self Storage offers an invaluable service for anyone who wants to free up space in their homes or offices, or store items while they move house or travel. The company serves both the corporate and consumer markets, and  unlike traditional storage and warehousing, which may have limited access, long term contracts and added fees, access to storage at Bangkok Self Storage is flexible and free. You can pay by the month and come and go as often as you like, and as long as you like, seven days a week.



Security at Bangkok Self Storage is a priority. Any storage unit you hire can only be accessed by you - you’ll be the only authorized key holder, although you can nominate further key holders if you wish. The company also has its own security measures in place, such as closed circuit cameras, digital code access and alarms, and can also arrange insurance for your possessions. 


A wide variety of storage solutions are available, so no matter if you are looking to store a single suitcase or the contents of your house, you’ll find a storage space to suit your needs. What’s more, Bangkok Self Storage’s friendly pricing policy means that the longer you store something, the less you have to pay. 


Other highlights at Bangkok Self Storage include: 
– 2 locations – Ard Narong and Sukhumvit 50
– The company can help in nearly every aspect of storage from
supplying boxes to advising you on packing your space – As long as the space you need is available, you can store your valuables tight away without any hassle. There is no waiting time; register and use the service the same day.


All this is backed up with their 4 point price Guarantee which gives you piece of mind and helps you budget your living costs at the same time as freeing up that valuable personal living space.


So whether you need large or small Storage they are the name and company to trust in Bangkok.


37/1 Ardnarong Road, Klongtoey, Klongtoey, Bangkok
T: 02-249-9356-57

Email: info@bangkokselfstorage.com


Office open daily 9am – 5pm



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