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Report a motorcycle on the footpath today - get 1,000 baht!


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Report a motorcycle on the footpath today - get 1,000 baht!



Picture: Daily News


The public in Bangkok have been urged to report motorcyclists riding on the footpath and get a 1,000 baht reward starting today. 


Fines for bikes on pavements and parking on pavements have been increased from 1,000 baht to 2,000 baht after the previous fines proved no deterrent. 



Picture: Daily News


(Signage still mentions a 5,000 limit but in practice the fine is 2,000 baht, notes Thaivisa).


People who report offences are entitled to half the fine. Reports can be made through Line, a government website and on Facebook (details below). 


Jirawat Phaengma of the "tessakit" (municipal council) said that enforcement would take place across all 50 districts with 233 specific trouble spots targeted. 


CCTV for the purpose has been installed in Sukhumvit and Pahonyothin and other cameras are being directed on problem areas where appropriate in order to catch offenders. 


Memorandums of Understanding have been inked between the BMA and the Department of Land Transport and the Ministry of Transport for information sharing to make the issuing of fines easier. 


People wanting rewards should take a picture and say where it was taken. This along with other information can be sent to the following:


1. Line: ไลน์แอด รางวัลนำจับ @ebn6703w (Line ad reward for fines)

2. https://www.bangkok.go.th/reward or


3. Facebook : สำนักเทศกิจ กรุงเทพมหานคร (Bangkok tessakit office)


Further information can be sought on 02 465 6644. 


Source: Daily News




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-08-01
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3 hours ago, RotBenz8888 said:

Can foreigners send reports and get rewards?

I'm sure you can, but given there will be tens of thousands to report, you will be very busy and when you go for your payout, will probably get arrested for working, fined the whole lot and some more and get kicked out for taking money reserved for Thai grasses.

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Just now, mok199 said:

Do they really need us to report this....

Exactly, like they don't/can't see it in front of them daily.. As usual no proactive action. Problem exists only if it's reported, same like the hoes in Pattaya.


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13 minutes ago, Dmaxdan said:

So if you report yourself do you still get 1000 baht reward? 

You only get the 1000 THB if the wrong doer actually paid the fine.

If you pay a 2000 THB fine to get a 1000 THB reward this won't turn out positive 😉

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4 minutes ago, ianezy0 said:

For foreigners it will be a credit system where you receive half the fine which will be deducted from your next fine!

If I grass enough motorcyclists in the pavement, can I build up enough credit to get off scot-free with giving the PM 'a punch in the mouth'?

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