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A Nootropic named Noopept?

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Hi All,


Re: A Nootropic Supplement called Noopept?


I am enquiring if you have knowledge if a Nootropics supplement called "Noopept" is legal to bring into to Thailand for personal use?

 Noopept is legal in the UK, US and as far as I am aware is not banned in any country world-wide and is used to improve cognitive functions, better focus, enhanced memory is an anti-stress & anti-anxiety substance.


I use Noopept in the powdered form for particularly high stressful workloads situations.


I have researched online including Thai government websites/Thai/FDA/ and the Thai narcotics substances acts including the 1979 Narcotics Act 2522 and the 1975 Psychotropic Substances Act 2518.


Nootropics are not mentioned in either Act, and the question is are they therefore perfectly legal for personal use in Thailand?


Can any of you guys can clarify this issue or have had experience of Noopept in Thailand I would be grateful if you can share your experience and knowledge.


Best regards,


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There is no law regarding nooptropics per se but only a few are approved for use in Thailand.


You can legally bring in up to a 39 day supply of this with you if it has been presecribed to you.


If unprescribed as long as clearly labelled and not a large amount they would probably let it through. I suggest bringing a new unopened sealed bottle though, as an unfamiliar  powder can otherwise arouse suspicions.

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