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Thailand set to introduce visa-free travel for Chinese and Indians


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Seeing as 'farang' tourists get 30 day visa free entry on arrival, I fail to see how they are trying to 'get them out', in favour of other nationalities ? Unless you are babbling on about TM28/30's, which is an entirely different thing. 

If you can’t “see” then you’re out of touch with what’s happening !

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On 8/8/2019 at 7:47 AM, Rocket Hawks said:

If you have white skin in Thailand, you are viewed as superior. This is generally the rule of the thumb for every country on planet Earth.

The UK and America are slowly changing this rule.

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Troll comment and response to it removed.


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On 8/7/2019 at 8:08 PM, Cereal said:

Absolute racism. I'm not entirely sure of the Indian angle, but the Chinese angle is ludicrous. The Chinese may arrive in huge numbers but the import and export leakage with respect to their numbers is almost total. They fly in on Chinese owned airlines, get driven around in Chinese owned buses by Chinese owned tour companies. They stay in Chinese owned hotels and eat in Chinese owned restaurants. They spend a ton of money but very little of it affects the Thai economy.


are the people running TAT really that obtuse?

Ok, my local airport here in China, in a third tier city:


Daily flight to Utapao - Air Asia (Malaysian)

Thrice weekly flight to Chiang Mai - Nok Airlines (Thai)

Daily flight to Swampy - China Southern (I'll give you that one.)


Also airlines pay to use airports you know? It's not cheap to land a plane and as far as I'm aware, no Chinese own a Thai Airport. Please correct me if you find it so during your obviously extensive research.


So excuse me for thinking your sweeping generalisations are wide of the mark but you were wrong from the outset. This tosh that people spout about only white people spend serious money on holiday is just incorrect.

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