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BANGKOK 18 August 2019 15:56

Let's settle this once and for all....Beatles or Stones?

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On 8/14/2019 at 12:43 PM, namatjira said:

Old music is old music, it’s no longer relevant.....

may as well argue on who was better, dean martin or 

Frank Sinatra....the past is the past, you could re release all the records of the stones and the Beatles and they would still get no air time... much the same as dinosaurs.

The world has changed...better not to live in the past.....

no future in that.......

So who should we be listening to please?

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I had a nasty music teacher as a kid .7 yo...Had to fill in those for hours. Copied Uncle by ear playing By By Blackbird. Played it while watching for lesson , old bat flew in and slammed the piano lid on my hands. Never played again .Got a guitar as nackerd as Francis Rossi taught meself copying Slash.As for the Stones, couldnt stand their looks or American Copy <deleted>...

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