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Video: Taxi driver threatens motorist with gun on the highway


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The image shows that the handgun is apparently a white 'metal' revolver.  Such handguns are most probably firearms, and nothing less.  The image depicts a clear case of a person threatening "imminent deadly physical force".  A truly terrifying situation.

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It was reported in the Thai press that the taxi driver was actually a Police sub lieutenant from Krathum Baen Police station in Samut Sakhon province and the taxi was registered to him. Not sure what he was doing in the taxi, maybe moonlighting for extra cash?
He was fined 6000 Baht: 5000 Baht for driving without due care and attention and 1000 Baht for 'impolite and inappropriate behaviour' - wasn't aware there was Thai law for that.
As for charges related to carrying a weapon in public, that matter is currently with Pak Khlong Police station, where the incident took place.

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23 hours ago, worgeordie said:

Taxi driver going to work, check,Keys,bottle water,snack,gun or matchet ,OK

they must all carry some form of weapon.

regards Worgeordie

Exactly why many tourists are starting to give Thailand a wide berth... this kind of behaviour is almost a daily incident... no-one wants to go on holiday and be subjected to street wars by taxi drivers.

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