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Everyone knows the dangers of hard drugs like heroin, meth and crack as well, but people still keep getting addicted.

To be cool and distinguish themselves from people like you.  

ahh the good old days when you could smoke on a 747 and drink the bar dry and Pat the hostess on the backside if you we're Young and handsome without fear of arrest at destination

1 hour ago, timendres said:

Why are people so concerned about what other people chose to do with their lives, as long as it does not cause any problems for them? As Bill Hicks said: I'll smoke, I'll cough, I'll get the tumors, and I will die, is that okay with you?

I liked him, Bill asks a member of the audience how much he smokes a day,

"A pack a day"

"Wimp! I get through two lighters a day"

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i dont think you can find one single smoker above 40

that doesnt regard it as one of the dumbest habits they ever picked up, and its difficult to stop,

and even after you stopped there are pitfalls ahead

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1 hour ago, BritManToo said:

Helps the cannabis burn evenly without going out.

When I partook, I always used a bong. I never wanted to inhale burn't paper. Also used a disposable lighter. Hated all the sulphur!

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