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Set-up office with worker, and question about working from home


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Hi. Sorry for what is probably another similar question to many asked before:


1) I am trying to set up a 'SE Asia' department for our family company - based in Thailand because Thailand is great! .. I'd like to rent an office and a worker .. Is it really that difficult - do I have to invest a load of money and go through all this junk just to rent a room and PAY somebody on a monthly basis?


2) I had a question about legality of me even 'working' here.. I am getting paid a monthly wage by my family company and I sit at home working on my laptop and the plan is I go off to Vietnam every now and again to meet with our manufacturers there. So is it even legal that I'm doing this, that I am technically 'performing work' here in Thailand? Should I keep this quiet?


We have a UK company, and a Chinese company.. Just wondering if there are any loop holes (i.e. with the Chinese company and ASEAN).. also, is it possible to set up a company in Vietnam and somehow use that to set up an office in Thailand (probably a stupid question..)


I just can't believe it is so difficult to set up a basic logistics operation here with an office and an assistant.


Thanks in advance for any help given.



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Setting up a company in Thailand with the SOLE reason of hiring a worker there does not make sense...


IF wanting to get a WP and build something for real, then it could be the way to go, but if not just hiring someone anywhere in the world would be the thing!


And yeah, at least talk to some lawyers for that first 30 minutes the good ones offer for free...

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