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Foreigner also to be charged after head stomped by Bangla security guard


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Got to add that sometimes all you have to do is watch. Let the drunken customer let out some steam and then he will get tired.


Couple months ago I watched some drunken foreigner picking up a fight with a bigger bouncer in Soi Cowboy. The bouncer just stood there, watched the drunken guy in anger, with a loving look in his eyes. After couple of minutes the foreigner was out of steam, out of anger and situation got back to normal.

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3 hours ago, Yinn said:

Farang seem shock with “kick” in the fight. 

But gun or knife ok?


We learn the Muay Thai at school. The kick is better than fist. Not get to close, hard for other guy to hurt you. 


If you want to fight thai people, then must accept they going to use the foot, fist, knee and elbow.


Better not to fight. Just be polite and smile. Then no problem, we all happy together.

You misunderstand, the issue is Thais kicking and stomping people in the head when they're on the ground. Can easily kill someone this way.

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one of the main reasons head kicking goes on is the guy that is doing the kicking is because he thinks if that guy gets up he is going to belt the hell out of me it used to be called gutless but no doubt has a good name now

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2 minutes ago, mikecha said:

why  let thin esculate to a fight must have been some reason


best is shut up and walk away  then done 



but as always some farangs /Thai are hard learners 


True, and it takes x2 to fight.  Hence they are both being charged, rightly so.

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I was assaulted by a Thai bar owner and a bunch of Thai goons, knocked to the ground, stomped on. Another Thai who saw what happened stepped in, and I managed to get away. Few cuts and bruises, could have been a lot worse. This was unprovoked, maybe looked at them wrong or said the wrong thing.


Even though it was a clear case of assault, with plenty of witnesses, it never even crossed my mind to call the police until a friend asked why, after.


I've 0 faith in the police here. I imagine some story would have been spun and I'd be fined.



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5 hours ago, Isaanbiker said:

Were you there?

Not there.

But watch the video and read about it. The farang say sorry for start fight. That why the farang charge with police.




   There's no one on one fight in this country. 


This one was. 


I not say say your fight was. I just say not every fight like you.



Sorry about your mum.

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5 hours ago, NoComment said:

I will be interested to see what happens when and IF!!? the first Chinese gets a good thumping.

Treat same as farang.


5 hours ago, NoComment said:

The Chinese are allowed to gamble openly in Thailand,



5 hours ago, NoComment said:



not one of them is arrested for overstay and they do what they want when they want without any repercussions.

Wrong, wrong, wrong







5 hours ago, NoComment said:

I know this is a little off topic but does anyone have similar thoughts to myself?

No, you imagine wrong?

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On 8/9/2019 at 11:59 AM, Baerboxer said:


Behavior reminiscent of many UK establishment bouncers back in the 70's. Some thought having such a reputation good as it put the trouble makers off. Of course it often didn't. The real hard cases saw it as a challenge! Many bouncers were just out for a chance to wallop someone; others just needed the extra cash.


Now it's highly regulated and door staff and security must be trained and are strictly controlled in what they can and can't do. 

HaHaHa yea right !!!!!!!!!!!

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On 8/8/2019 at 8:44 PM, E020 said:

Probably some drunk bloke asking for it.. if you dont do crazy you wont get in troubles in the world.. he must have deserved it..

You are quite wrong in your assessment of this type of situation. I got sucker punched and threatened even more of a beating simply because I was insistent I had 2 helmets when I parked my bike in a guarded and paid for parking lot and when I went to get my bike there was only one helmet. The man collecting money went off his rocker at my statement and attacked me. After police intervention they owner of the lot arrived at the police station with my other helmet. 

Thais fly off their rockers for flagrant reasons unknown to us foreigners. Perhaps it is the foreigners fault for being adamant or unrelenting when we know and expect things to done rightly and speak out when something is amiss and we don't believe in mai pan rai as a solution. 

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