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Kid with a pot on his head instead of a helmet amuses Thailand


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13 hours ago, Vacuum said:

The main cause is that they can't drive safely.


PS. Note the lack of mirrors.


Edit. And no number plate on the bike.

Mirrors is the first thing teenagers rip of when they get a motorbike, not worrying about speeding cars from behind when they change lanes. 

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16 hours ago, Cadbury said:


This sort of stuff certainly brings out the child in them. Not a thought about the seriousness of the matter.

Are Thais really "childlike"...???  I keep reading this in different places.  

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I just returned from a road trip in a rural area of Thailand. Being generous, helmet compliance was at about 10% overall, and that includes major highways. Children are usually seen wedged between their parents, just like 15 years ago, and rarely wear a helmet to protect their precious little heads.


Sorry, but I fail to see what's amusing (or amazing) about that. It's plain stupid and it's plain sad.

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The law should not be "encouraged" but strictly enforced.


Minimum 2,000baht fine warranted for the driver (First offence-no helmet) and 1,000 for the passengers. This on top of any other penalties (driving licence, insurance no number plate etc etc).


The government, police and judiciary should stop playng games immediately!

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I fail to find stupidity


also poor quality helmets are useless 

not attaching the straps is also useless 

they have no head no need helmets 

and why not call on phone 

so you cannot control your bike with only one hand 

they deserve to die

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