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Truck driver charged as woman crushed under wheels in Wichit

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Truck runs over motorcyclist in Phuket Town – VIDEO

By The Thaiger




WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised. The content of the video could be distressing to some.


Yesterday afternoon (Thursday) a 10 wheel truck ran over a motorcyclist at the intersection in front of the Thepnimit Temple – Soi Thep Anusorn on Chao Fah East Road.


At the scene, police found a white 10 wheel truck parked next to the traffic light and found a grey motorcycle trapped underneath with the body of a woman. The woman was critically injured and was rushed to hospital, where she later passed away due to her injuries.


After checking CCTV cameras near the intersection, police found that before the accident, the truck was waiting at the red light on the lane to turn right to Soi Thep Anusorn. The motorcyclist was riding her motorcycle near the truck then overtook to park in front of the truck to wait for the green light. Suddenly when the light turned green, the truck driver drove forward without noticing the motorcyclist and drove straight over her.


Police said that the incident was caused by reckless driving by both the drivers. The truck driver has been charged with reckless driving causing death.


VIDEO: Channel 3

Readers are warned that the video below may be distressing to some viewers.




Source: https://thethaiger.com/hot-news/road-deaths/truck-runs-over-motorcyclist-in-phuket-town-video




-- © Copyright The Thaiger 2019-08-09
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39 minutes ago, harriott456 said:

but its not your sister is it..so you've watched it and decided that we souldn't see it?


What's up, got no Thai friends?

The only thing I decided was that I would delete it, you were not even in the equation.

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1 minute ago, ratcatcher said:

A lot of Thais seem to have blind spots. Usually located on either side of their nose.

That sounds rather like my favourite description of the inhabitants of one small nation that will remain nameless - "evenly balanced by the chip on each shoulder"

Edited by ThaiBunny
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Looks like the truck is going straight, not turning right unlike this lady.

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4 hours ago, Goldieinkathu said:

I"ve just watched the video and there is no way that the truck driver was in any way to blame.

The government is to blame for not insisting that driving standards are raised with better training and tighter regulations.

This lady was not on a suicide mission, nor was she nuts, she was badly educated on how to drive safely!


Exactly couldnt put it better myself

What to expect when they do not know how to drive? Being behind a vehicle is very dangerous and with no driving test and no real road etiquette we just see a huge death circus and no one cares

This is one of literally millions of incidents and sadly no one has the balls to talk about it to fix it

They are very good at avoiding doing any work or coming with any solution they just dont get it - the low IQ is so prevalent it would be outside of most to have the competence to even create a sentence let alone dialog about road law reformation  

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