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The prediction thread

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For those who may wish to post their predictions. I used to post mine when i was running the comp. Up to you though. Good luck for the season lads.

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I don't see a great deal of speculation about the coming season. I think it interesting to see what others are making of events personally.


I'll kick of with this weeks results and also my forecast for the season as a whole. There are usually a couple of 'shock' results at the start. And I've got some in my forecast.


I like to talk football across the board rather than just about a couple of clubs. Let's hope this thread can lead to in-depth general discussion on the EPL for this coming season. I want to hear from the Villa fans, the Leicester and Everton supporters.


3-0 Liverpool - Norwich
1-3 WHU - Man City
2-0 Bournemouth - Sheff Utd
0-2 Burnley - Southampton
1-3 Palace - Everton
3-0 Watford - Brighton
1-1 Spurs - Villa
2-2 Leicester - Wolves
2-1 Newcastle - Arsenal
1-2 Man United - Chelsea



End of season EPL 2019/2020


01 Man City
02 Liverpool
03 Chelsea
04 Everton
05 Spurs
06 Leicester
07 Arsenal
08 Wolves
09 Man Utd
10 Villa
11 WHU
12 Palace
13 Bournemouth
14 Watford
15 Newcastle
16 Saints
17 Norwich
18 Burnley
19 Sheff Utd
20 Brighton



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3-0 Liverpool as my Banker.

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