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How Many Are “Stuck” Here With No Way Out

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2 minutes ago, NCC1701A said:

yes you are stuck. and even if you were in a western country changing jobs at 45 is difficult and in your fifties almost impossible. changing cities, schools is horribly difficult.

and sorry to say your children are really going to have a hard time trying to live in the west.

i think you need to stop thinking about leaving and get a house with no mortgage or debt in Thailand and pray to god nothing happens to your wife.   


Thanks for your thoughts and agreed on the first parts.


You may of misunderstood me on the second part....we definitely are not stuck here....we can very easily relocate to Australia anytime.

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13 minutes ago, brokenbone said:

im stuck in the way of back pain, its too horribly painful to relocate with all that entails


Sorry to hear that and yes that is a different kettle of fish entirely....as long as you are financially ok then I think Thailand is as good a place as any to be chronically ill (probably better here than in the UK if you have reasonable means here),

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