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At least one dead, 10 injured as building under construction collapses in Phuket

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7 hours ago, bristolgeoff said:

Never got completed,bet many are worried  where they live now.typical Thailand build quality 

Maybe the contractor is the same company engaged in the high rise buildings in Sydney Australia? Tenants had to be evacuated. Typical of the problems here.

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Some mistakes

feel sorry for the day workers  there day money for family food .

even worse some one has passed away and some injured ,

but not just here this happens it is everywhere 

last year eindhoven brand new multy story carpart floors colapsed never been used now back to crumbled stone and recicled metal 

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should stop hiring chinese engineers and workers maybe...

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3 Burmese workers dead following collapse at VIP Condo construction site in Rawai

By The Thaiger




Two workers have been found dead following yesterday’s collapse at the construction site of the VIP Mercury and VIP Galaxy condo and villa site in Rawai. The two migrant workers were trapped under scaffolding that collapsed bringing the death toll to 3. Eight others were hurt.


The site was going to be the showroom for the VIP Galaxy villas being constructed behind the almost-complete VIP Mercury Condominium development.


The body of the last worker was retrieved from the collapsed construction site at 9am this morning. Rescuers used an industrial drill and backhoes to sift through the debris for the two remaining workers.


One worker was killed instantly and at least eight others injured when scaffolding at the construction site crashed to the ground near Rawai Beach in the south of Phuket just after 2pm yesterday afternoon. Police say the workers were Burmese.


Rescuers, a drilling machine and two backhoes were deployed to search for the two remaining workers trapped under the debris. One of them was later found and sent to Vachira Phuket Hospital, where doctors confirmed the worker was dead, said the deputy governor.

Among the eight workers injured, five have already been discharged from hospitals.


More video and photos at The Thaiger Phuket Facebook page.


Source: https://thethaiger.com/news/phuket/3-burmese-workers-dead-following-collapse-at-vip-condo-construction-site-in-rawai




-- © Copyright The Thaiger 2019-08-12
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7 hours ago, sharpjwe said:

Very stupid comment 

thais are good at building  

newly poured concrete I suppose the scaffolding was weak need to wait for the investigation to be completed 


all infrastructure construction i see here is fast efficient and quality 

accidents happen too

Not stupid at all. There are a large number of projects where poor building practices have caused demolition or major rework.

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2 hours ago, dallen52 said:

Pity they didn't have a farang site Engineer or OH&S enforcement. 


Structural computations don't mean squat if the language is different,  or the skill set is extracted from the bottom of the gene pool. 

Life is cheap in Thailand. 


Malaysian workers on a Thailand build. 

Its like Nepalese running shops in patong. 

Sort of tells a story about who wants to work.

Not the locals. 


Sad, really sad.

It makes me question how the ones that are standing stay up!!

Before commenting and making jokes of nationalities by showing off as a farang then must look at at least one example of

Farang Failure https://edition.cnn.com/2018/07/23/us/miami-beach-building-collapse/index.html



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People have lost their lives, others have suffered life changing injuries and some are still trapped beneath the debris; and you seize upon it as an opportunity to troll the comments in order to try and be humorous.

You are not funny, but you are a rather sad example of our species, and you are not welcome here.

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