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Well-dressed and handsome Thai-American teen nabbed for Chiang Mai theft


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I feel sorry for that guy.  His father should have taken him back to the US.  I hope his Mother did not purposely plan that to gain a support check.  What is he going to do to support himself in Thailand that is legitimate work ...they don’t have blacks in Thai society, they don’t like them, it marks his mother as a hooker, more or less, if you think of Africans here you think of bad things...what a nightmare!!!


I got an idea, he should work as beach boy, marry farang girl, get the hell out of here, make that his only purpose in life, but unfortunately he is stuck in Chiang Mai and without even friends in the South for beach jobs ...and where people are darker??

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Any clued up Westerner knows that if a Thai approaches you to talk, especially in English, 9 times out of 10 it is a scam. 


It's not part of Thai culture to approach and talk to strangers without some formal context. 


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