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Majority of Britons support 'Brexit by any means' poll

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1 minute ago, nontabury said:


 Go through all the governments over the last 100yrs, and you will find that the Scotts, with only a 10th of the population have Always been heavily represented. In one cabinet, out of 19 ministers, 16 were Scottish. Likewise check up on the P.M’s in this period, and then come back and tell us they are not overly represented. 

That because they were British and members of a UK Parliament , a Union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. And that's because on the whole they were bloody good. I think you will find the Thai-Chinese while making up 11% of the population of Thailand own about 90% of the wealth. Small nations strive harder to be heard in the world, it's like short people tend to get on more than tall ones because they have something to prove. And the great thing about modern Scottish nationalism it isn't a narrow minded blood and soil identity - it welcomes one and all to forge a modern outward looking nation. Some of the English boneheads should look and learn.....

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On 8/15/2019 at 7:40 AM, Loiner said:

The scotch have about 9% of the seats in the commons, which is over representative of your 8% of the UK population. You should have a couple of seats taken from the ‘English’ Parliament.

I have never seen such small minded pettiness - I bet you wouldn't say that to a Jock's face wouldya ?

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