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BANGKOK 19 August 2019 20:13

Holiday in Myanmar.

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@phuketrichard Thanks a lot.


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Something happened to this post, and thanks everyone. When I looked at the forum it seemed fairly bare, but great responses.

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I totally agree with PhuketRichard and what others have said but it is what you personally like to do. Although spectacular, I found Bagan became overpowering with so many temples and pagodas, thousands of them. I also experienced the "pristine" US dollar experience. I tried to cash $100 into kyats (pronounced chats) but although each one was brand new and in numbered sequence, they were not accepted at my hotel because each one had a pinpoint hole from the printing machine. However, there are "street money exchanges" and it was one of these that did a deal with me at an acceptable rate. I have just returned from Rangoon and this time I changed 10,000 Thai baht (from ATM in DMK) into 480,000 kyats at one of Rangoon airport's money exchanges with no problems. In Central Rangoon, a stroll in Rogyoke Park or People's Park is delightful (photos below). Between these two parks is the Shwedagon Golden Pagoda complex. 




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