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BANGKOK 17 August 2019 18:33

Can Divorced Thai women marry again quickly?

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10 hours ago, maybefitz said:

Yes. I married my wife 48 hours after her quickie divorce. We both needed Dr's certificate.

Mental health certificate

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16 hours ago, Autonuaq said:

Depends on the current soin to be former husband and how she got het visa.

I think you are refering to the wrong type of visa - I believe the OP is talking about a Schengen visa which is for visits. I may be wrong but I think that each of the Schengen group members has an entirely different visa for settlement based upon marriage.


A woman who has a settlement visa to live in her husband's country loses the right to that visa if she divorces before her final settlement is complete - at least that's the position in the UK (there are certain circumstances where she may be able to stay though).


I've never heard of anyone being asked if the husband they are travelling with is the same one she had when she applied for a Shengen visa but I suppose its possible.

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