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UK jobs market shines, but clouds on horizon

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53 minutes ago, JonnyF said:

I found the same thing when I was back there. Shopping malls packed, couldn't get a seat at restaurants without booking, new cars everywhere. I was expecting doom and gloom but in hindsight maybe I'd read too many Guardian/Reuters articles trying to talk the UK into recession.

The problem with that observation is to determine the health of an economy you need to cast your gaze a little wider than those who have money to spend. If you are wandering around a shopping mall you can expect the people there are spending money.


You might also consider the fact that much spending is credit at the cost of savings. 





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5 hours ago, JonnyF said:

No "despite Brexit" in there? I'm shocked.


Luckily The Guardian didn't disappoint.






Remainers won't like this at all. More positive news from the UK. Tsk Tsk.

You think the latest trade figures were positive , what are you smoking.

There is a completely unbiased indicator of where our economy is at a given time , its the Sterling rate , positive right ?

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