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Points system on driving licenses will reduce accidents in Thailand


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10 hours ago, Pasuwan said:

There's so many whiners on this forum. If you don't like it here. Leave and go back to own wonderful country. 

Ok! That's it! I'm leaving!!!

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Australia also has point system

any way wont work here un till you have age appropriate drivers too 

meaning little Mary or Bob reach appropriate driving age unsure what age is here 

however I don't think the kids I see riding off to Primary school each day really should be riding motor bikes to and from school.

How can you take points away from someone or fine them when they don't ever have a license to drive  

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Every vehicle has a license plate! Why don't they start with the identification of the registered owner of every license plate and control them ? They could make out many drivers with no driving license?! Would reduce accidents a lot. Just saying. 

Control all streets in an area with a system. All roads that leave the area of a village or a city unexpectedly at the same time? Al roads that enter a village or a city unexpectedly at the same time? 

No driving license car or vehicle to confiscate.

There are so many ways to do it. That would change a lot. 

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22 hours ago, PatOngo said:


Drunk driving: 3 points...……………………..OK, can do 4 times

Red lights: 2 points...…………………...……..Can do 6 times

Helmets and speeding: 1 point each.......Can do 12 times


That will teach them!

Lose licence no problem! Don't have one 🙂

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23 hours ago, Assurancetourix said:

But if you are a HiSo or a " do you know who I am "  0 point :1zgarz5:


And as wrote Colinneil, about 40% here don't have a license ( to kill 😉 I'm in my James Bond period )



I would like to see policemen and radars and breath control on secondary roads ( red and concrete roads which are so many in Thailand )..

I would like to see policemen controlling licenses and helmets between 7 am and 8 am when children come to school ...and verifiing if passengers and driver  have security belts in minibuses ...

But that will never come ...

YOUR right it will never come/happen

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The points system will not work in Thailand.

firstly it has to be universally and equitably enforced.

for this to happen you need to retrain ALL police involved and put in place a our fines legal and court system that is fast and efficient.

There also needs to be no loopholes.

For laws to be enforced, apart from retrying the police they need to be equipped with independently calibrated equipment, all roads must be clearly signed and delineated and in many cases reconstructed. 

Obstacles and signs need to be removed from all roadsides, and the public need to be educated as to the new regime

Penalties ned to be relevant to the infringements, which it looks like they are not - of course most Thai people simply don't have th means to pay fines at EU levels but just the process of being fined regardless of amount is usually enough to drive the point home.


All this will only work as part of a major (and costly) holistic approach to road safety in Thailand. The problem now is that the country has et the situation slides far behind that the cost of updating and upgrading the transport system is something that most authorities would rathe not face so instant resort to platitudes and nape-of-the-neck responses. - The chances of all this happening are virtually zero.

This recent conference shows clearly how ignorant and un-informed the authorities currently are on road safety and does not bode well for the future in the Kingdom, and the exorbitant costs to the nation long term.


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