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Points system on driving licenses will reduce accidents in Thailand


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39 minutes ago, webfact said:

Daily News gave examples of how many points will be deducted:


Drunk driving: 3 points

Red lights: 2 points

Helmets and speeding: 1 point each

Drunk driving: 3 points OR 20,000 Baht on the spot

Red lights: 2 points      Or 5,000 baht on the spot (Not possible because it will be on camera so it will have to be at the local station)

Helmets and speeding: 1 point each 1000 baht on the spot. 


call me a cynic but this is simply to boost the, ahem, economy.

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4 minutes ago, Assurancetourix said:

But if you are a HiSo or a " do you know who I am "  0 point :1zgarz5:


And as wrote Colinneil, about 40% here don't have a license ( to kill 😉 I'm in my James Bond period )



I would like to see policemen and radars and breath control on secondary roads ( red and concrete roads which are so many in Thailand )..

I would like to see policemen controlling licenses and helmets between 7 am and 8 am when children come to school ...and verifiing if passengers and driver  have security belts in minibuses ...

But that will never come ...

Red bull boy got a few points, but he can keep his licence. What date does he walk free?..watch out!

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30% of drivers don't even have driver's licenses. 10 year olds commonly drive scooters. 


The biggest problem is that there is no law enforcement for moving vehicles. In 10 years I've never seen the police pull over a single person for a moving violation.


Points on driver's licenses will do nothing to stop the carnage. 

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Many of the local's driving habits derived from the Thai loose takes and interpretations on moral issues and their duty as a citizen and a road user,  culture of 'I know someone, i can buy my way out of this' and old time favorite 'My pen Rai, they don't have my current address, It's not my car, the car is not even registers, etc. etc. so until the mindset of the Thai drivers will fundamentally change, no point system will help...

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48 minutes ago, PatOngo said:


Drunk driving: 3 points...……………………..OK, can do 4 times

Red lights: 2 points...…………………...……..Can do 6 times

Helmets and speeding: 1 point each.......Can do 12 times


That will teach them!

But to be fair most could probably rack that up in  a couple of hours.

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42 minutes ago, Dmaxdan said:

If this is enforced then there will hardly be anyone on the roads come January.

no the roads will be crowded als always - just nobody has a driving license

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1 hour ago, mok199 said:

Truly enforce laws ,and stop putting on a big show by harassing drivers at check points..Stop focusing on Drama,appearance and optics and start thinking about sustainable results...

Umm... I think that's what the jist of the OP is, no?

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I think it's great, coz I don't have to be responsible really.


As long as I don't get pissed up, & drive more than 3 times a year, I'll be ok. 🤓



Seriously though.


Why not an automatic ban for DUI...?


Yea, I suppose it's a good idea, as long as it's enforced & non-payment is followed up. But it won't be.


They'll still be a 'roadside payment scheme' available.


Three, flipping, points, for drunk driving?



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