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The App is only in Thai  and many thais tell me when they try to use it to do TM 30  for guests or spouse it  does not work reliably  ..

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21 hours ago, wozza said:

I fly into Bangkok on a domestic airline arriving around 9pm, Check into a hotel and depart the following day on an international flight , I will pass through immigration less than 24 hours after I arrived in Bangkok.

Coming back to Thailand arrive Bangkok 10pm ,stay at a friends house and depart again on an international flight 8pm the following day, again less than 24 hours.


What are the rules with the TM30? in my case , (I have an Multiple O visa) 


Who knows. All Thai law is a lottery in interpretation and it’s is all at the discretion of whoever wants to poke their nose in and get involved. The only way is to do everything in every law interpreted in whatever way you can possibly think of and it will still not be enough plus you will have no life. 


Just pay the money they are intent in scamming off if someone can be bothered and like it or leave. Anything else will tie you up in knots.

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