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KORAT - Annual Extension of Stay ( Retirement ) & TM30 Today

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Just back from Korat Immigration and annual renewal of Retirement visa ( 800K in bank option )....


Firstly - We see the same staff there as the last 2 years but a new boss is on board we were told.


Secondly - With Visa all went well, No Issues - no mention of $$'s staying in account or check in 90 days time.


Thirdly - For the previous 3 years my wife had been told because she owns her house NO TM 30 is required.


              However Today, wife was quietly told from now on she must submit a TM 30 form


              No fine would be payable on this occasion today, but in future = Yes.   


              If Wife reporting - fine = 800 Baht or if I am doing the report - fine = 1,200 Baht ( go figure )


Fourthly - Things appear to be changing fast - we called in 2 months ago to pick up the correct paperwork in advance.


                However today, a couple of forms needed had changed ( bank account details ) and one other was surplus.


Fithly - The Uni girls no longer do the photocopying for you, Now you are redirected across the road to a private shop.


            This made it not such a great experience.


VisraExtension and Re-Entry Permit All approved there and then... but seriously next year I may let it all slide and just get a Visa form my home country Thai Consulate.....  a much easier, cheaper and less painful route.





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That sounds like Korat immigration no nonsense or bs just in and out and done as quick as possible as long as your paperwork is in order. I always go with plenty of extra copies of everything so I don’t run into that issue. But yeah they’re usually pretty by the book that sounds about right.



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