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3 minutes ago, phka said:

So if I check out of the hotel at 12 noon on Monday I have to file a tm 30 by 12 noon on Tuesday correct? 

Hope the bus font break down on the way home

See post 15 from Jackdd.


I'm looking into this App/on-line function next.

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9 minutes ago, jackdd said:

If you happen to be the owner, housemaster or possessor of the place where you are going to stay, then you have to submit a TM30 for yourself within 24 hours after arriving at this place.

If you would arrive at your new place on Monday at 12 noon, then in theory you would have to submit a TM30 before Tuesday 12 noon. They don't track your arrival time, so if you just say you arrived Monday evening (they won't ask for it anyway), then you have Tuesday all day to submit the TM30

Thanks that's worth knowing hope the bus driver isn't related to the io officer and snitches on me

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