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No-deal Brexit will be stopped, Hammond says

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30 minutes ago, Mavideol said:
35 minutes ago, CG1 Blue said:

The UK need the backstop to be removed or drastically altered in order to get a deal through Parliament. That is the reality as proven by 3 decisive votes against the deal in the HoC. 

The EU are saying the withdrawal agreement is now non-negotiable. 


If you ask me Mr Hammond, it's the EU's current position that will lead to a no deal. You're blaming the wrong side. 

or maybe you are looking at it from your perspective only... why should the EU and not the UK bend over, always easy to blame the other side for one's mistakes

Fair comment, but I'm just looking at the facts. The current deal will not get through Parliament. There is nothing the UK government can do to get it through Parliament. But there is something the EU could do to get it through Parliament. 

I suppose the reality is at this stage neither side will bend over; hence no deal is on the way! 

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Just now, vogie said:

You would do well to concentrate on what it did say, rather than what it didn't say, you will end up in a state of confusion.

Not at all, but apparently the doc is confused and needed some correction.

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18 minutes ago, NanLaew said:

Yes, there are people in #10 now that HAVE A STRATEGY to take the UK out of the EU as requested by the people. Unlike former PM Theresa May's barely camouflaged formation remainer team of which Hammond was co-pilot, whose only collective strategy since 2016 was to deny the will of the people while blaming it all on EU intransigence.

You are deflecting!

The people have not been asked leaving the EU

  1.   with a deal     or
  2.  without a deal.

Therefore .... it's NOT the will if the people = all leavers.

Obviously the leavers wouldn't have reached the majority of the votes.  Why? The Tory-party is split in laevers and remainers. Logically - the Tory electorate would also have been split. Consequence: NO- ~52% leave majority, but a result far below 50%.


And that's not "the will" of the people" !!!



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2 hours ago, jamesy9368 said:

“who are pulling the strings in Downing Street, those who are setting the strategy.” Says Hammond who is upset its not him anymore. What we are going to get is Armageddon.


Then voting to trigger A50 would trigger Armageddon.
Then any changes to the NI border would trigger Armageddon.
Then not having a 'transition' period would trigger Armageddon.
Then denying a 'People's Vote' would trigger Armageddon.
Then leaving the customs union would trigger Armageddon.
Then not extending A50 would trigger Armageddon.
Then electing Boris Johnson would trigger Armageddon.
Then not having an all-female national disunity remain government would trigger Armageddon.
And now no deal will trigger Armageddon.
Every time remainers lose they shift the narrative. But what never shifts is the basic truth that it's not Armageddon they're afraid of but democracy

You missed out Tory aspirations based on hope and Boris's better deal out than in will trigger Armageddon when the poor end up paying the bill🤔  

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