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Just Another TM 30 question

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Im on a Retirement extension. Its up in January. Im not going to renew it, but just leave and get a SETV in Cambo, come back and then head back to the US at end of March. Then I will either do a SETV or METV back in the states or a Retirement or depending on circumstances just pay the 15 large for a 5 year elite. I have too much hassle going on back in Uncle Samland to make that decision right now.


So I dont want any hassles with Immi because my kid may be wanting to buy a condo, etc. It doesnt bother me to go to CW, in fact its a fun little trip, especially if they have the food set up in the lobby, there is a chick there that fries up some bomb yardbird.


I arrive next week. Im in a hotel for a few days until my condo is ready, then I will move in.


Procedurally, I should put my hotel on the TM6, correct? Then when I move into the condo, roll out to CW, snag some bird (hopefully) and file the TM 30 for myself, yes? Then I am done until my 90 day report in November, unless I schlep somewhere overnight, correct? So far it looks like Im going to be at a minimum in Ranong, Chaing Mai/Rai, Buri Ram, Surin and Pattayaish. Do I roll to CW every time I return and fill out the "Hi Im back" form (TM2?). Or can I just mail those in.....

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