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'Wedding Crasher' sought by authorities in Texas after targeting events, stealing gifts

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This is not the surprise guest you want on your special day.


Authorities in Texas are asking the public for help identifying a woman who has been involved in a series of thefts at wedding venues over the past several months.


The Comal County Sheriff’s Office said on Facebook that the woman, dubbed "The Wedding Crasher," has been frequenting wedding events in Comal County and the surrounding area while "preying on unsuspecting families and friends."


"The suspect arrives uninvited to weddings, poses as a guest and then steals the gifts," police said.


Dani Schick, who got married on Aug. 3 at a venue near Spring Branch, Texas, told WOAI/KABB-TV that sometime during the ceremony a woman dropped by posing as a guest before leaving with a few gift cards meant for the bride and groom.


‘We were a little upset at first,” he told the television station. “I guess more so just surprised."


Authorities have been investigating incidents involving the suspect since December, and said the woman usually takes off with gift cards, cash, and checks.


Detective Scott Frakes with the Comal County Sheriff's Office told WOAI/KABB-TV that after a wedding in December was targeted, another incident was reported in January.


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I guess she's the one selling all those electric deep-fryers on eBay.



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