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Exact Rule regarding 400K Baht Deposit for Non(O) Thai Wife visa/extension

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I would like to add something about UK Immigration System: -


In 2017, my friend wanted a South African to work in his company  based in London. Immigration never asked any photocopy, only the real documents first time. They scanned and returned back. And every year have to take just few original documents 1 - Passport/  2 - Relevant Company Employment Letter. (with some supporting documents as well)


No photocopies., No visits. No extra work. and the process is repeated every year. and on 5th year the worker is eligible for Permanent residence. And in England system is so strong they can track and trace any worker within couple of hours.


If Thai Immigration would have been strong enough they would have dealt the situation in a better way. Unfortunately they are just firing their guns by using shoulder of foreigners. Do they think the criminals would be dealt like this way. Unfortunately Never. They have to mobilize their officers to work in field instead of sitting in offices. + collaborating with local/regional police offices. There is no coordination between Immigration DIV 2, Regional Immigration/Police Offices.


TM47 and TM30 is just the weak oriented system output of Thailand Immigration. People at the desk cannot speak ENGLISH to understand foreigners. I wonder what changes these guys will bring to the system.     



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