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Thailand escapees: Where did you go, why, and how do you like it

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As the topic suggests, I am trying to get some feedback from those of you who have left thailand.  Whether it's the new visa regulations for retirees or whatever.


Why did you leave thailand?


Where did you go?


Why did you choose the new expat location?


How do you like your new country?  What are your thoughts?  Is there anything you would do differently?

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3 minutes ago, GinBoy2 said:

Read some Thai expat message boards if you can read Thai 


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This isn't specifically about the visa application process, so I'm going to move it to "Pub".

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7 hours ago, simon43 said:

I just completed (yesterday) my relocation to Luang Prabang, north Laos.


I had been living in Thailand since 2002, with working breaks in Luang Prabang and in Burma.


I had an Elite 5-year visa which was soon to expire.  At 60 years old, I didn't want to tie up 800,000 baht on a retirement 'visa', nor put down another 500,000 baht for the Elite visa.  IMHO, Thailand has changed significantly from when I first moved here, and I do not appreciate the xenophobia from the current government and from their officers.


I teach online, which is really not allowed on an Elite visa.  I also teach for free in the local community, and again that's not strictly legal on that visa.


I want to feel welcomed in the country where I reside, and there's no welcome for me in Thailand nowadays 🙂


I moved back to Luang Prabang because it suits my lifestyle.  I rent a 200 year old, 130 square metre hardwood house in the UNESCO protected old town, just seconds from a wide range of cafes, restaurants and bars.  I was out jogging at 4.30 am this morning along the safe roads in the old town - no vicious dogs, no fast cars, no trucks.


I went shopping to compare prices.  Imported goods are slightly more expensive than Thailand, but fresh fruit and vegetables are cheaper.  I ate in the night market last night ==> all you can eat veggie food for the equivalent of 50 baht.


My one year visa with work permit costs me about 14,000 baht, no money needed in the bank, no 90 day report, no TM30 etc.  I will start community teaching this weekend while my paid online teaching is during the week.


I have no regrets, other than I wish I had left Thailand years ago 🙂

I dont want to get off topic,but did you go by yourself?

You sound very independent,do u look after yourself?


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