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Just thought I would relate my experience this week in sourcing a different health insurance here in Thailand.I am 64 and wife is 53,we are currently insured with a international insurer(IPD only).I was in contact with Pxx and sent them a application form to see what they could offer.I then received emails back asking for my hospitals/Doctors etc so far so good.However then the underwriters sent a form requesting all my medical records.However I do not have the records as the medical system in the country where I have lived do not hand them out unless specifically requested and require my presence to do so.In addition Pxx required me to do a comprehensive blood work up (Fasting Blood Sugar and Hemoglobin A1c,Lipid profile,High Sensitivity CRP,ECG,Bllod pressure reading,body weight,PSA)All needing to be done at a hospital.NOTE this is before a quote.They also wanted to know ALL hospital admissions(not just the last 5 or 10 years)

I responded that I did not wish to spend money for all of this without a quote to see if it was worth it whereby Pxx responded that they would reimburse me the costs once I accepted the quote/Health Insurance..........

My take on this reinforces the many comments on local Thai Insurance companies that they are happy to take your money but have no interest in taking any risks and based on their requests would probably increase your premium or dump you you should you make any significant claims.

I for one will stay with international insurers.


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