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Marriage Extension - Non O Enquiry HCMC or Laos

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Hi All , 

Can someone please advise me.

At the moment I am on a Non O Marriage extension which Expires 13 Oct 2019.

I have 4OOk which matures around 15 September - then takes approx 3-4 weeks in Samui for final approval

But, I may at short notice take up employment in Middle East sometime in Early September - If so I will not be able to do Renewal of Extension in Samui.  

My employment will be 3 or 4 months in ME, then 3 weeks thailand etc.

What is my best option for Visa / Extension for another year based on Marriage ?

Is  Non O ( with Multi RE- entry ) Marriage from HCMC or Laos my best option ?

Appreciate your help & advise


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You could get a multiple entry non-o visa based upon marriage that allows unlimited 90 day entries for a year from the date of issue at the consulates in Savannakhet, Laos or Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with no financial proof being required.

You could also get one in in Penang, Malaysia by showing 400k baht in the bank.

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 OP, if your based in bkk my vote would be for Saigon. Airport not to far from Thai consulate also district 1. The consulate is not that busy and helpful.

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