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Help my thai girlfriend find a job.

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Ive been together with the most amazing thai girl for almost a year now. She comes from a poor family and has been living in a small place for her entire life. In this small place it was never easy for a girl like her to get a job. She lives with her aunt but her mom is very controlling and in the past she has been forbidden to almost leave the house. Only small trips to 7 eleven was allowed and even go visit her friend in a different city was unheard of.


She dropped out of university after 1 year when her family couldnt afford it anymore.


Now her biggest dream is to find a job, to not stay home all day long doing nothing, and im going to help her.


Soon we will move to Bangkok together and she will basically take any job she can get. She dont care about minimum salary or long days she just want to try how it is to work.

I just want to be a bit prepared so i can help her as much as i can so here goes:


1) Ive heard that in thailand the unemployment rate is very low, is this true or is it really as some say, if you want a job you will find one pretty easy?

2) How does one apply for work in thailand? She want to apply for job at different shops and restaurants. Do you need to write an application like western countries? CV?
3) Is it only so so with contracts when you get a job? Or is it normal even in low income jobs to have a contract? 

4) If you get a job is it normal to get a full time contract or do thailand operate with short term contracts alot?
5) If she gets a job and has a contract i assume thai workers dont stand so strong if your boss want to get rid of you? In thailand you can basically just fire someone the same day without any reason?
6) Lets say she wants to work at for example amazon coffee. How would she go about to try get a job. I assume if she go talk to the people working there , there is no boss around in person ever. Is it more normal to call or send an application online? I must say i dont really know anything about the thai job market. Ive been living here for some years now but im a sailor so i dont work in thailand myself.

If other tips or recommandations please let me know and we will both be grateful.


Oh and my girlfriend she is 24, speaks good english and is smart. Im only littlebit scared because she is very naive.


Regards Martin

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Ok than, can i ask for a help to get my GF a boob job as well?...

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You're Scott Mallons dream, aren't you Martin?


If you don't know who he is, then look at yt, & lurn from his wideos.



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If you want her to work for nothing then it won't be difficult to find her a useless job in Bangkok. If you care about her you should help her to finish university or even push her to start a small business. Don't be surprised if her mother is not supportive. She might think that menial minimum wage work is less risky and will make money "faster". 

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