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Floods cause chaos in Preah Sihanouk province

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Preah Sihanouk province – Flooding in Preah Sihanouk province over the past few days has killed three people and affected nearly 2,000 families, along with property and businesses. Kheang Phearom, Provincial Hall spokesman, yesterday said floods that began at the end of last week have affected 1,736 families and caused 937 houses to become waterlogged.


He noted that 456 people were evacuated, mostly from Prey Nop district. Mr Phearom said floods also affected parts of National Road 3, and business premises in Sihanoukville, noting that 59 vehicles and 159 motorbikes were damaged.


“The flooding is due to prolonged heavy rain and we acknowledge that canals have been clogged by garbage, and that some buildings under construction carry out work with total disregard to regulations,” he said. Mr Phearom said the Water Resources, Public Works and Transport ministries, as well as generous people, have donated 14 excavators and some dump trucks for the provincial administration to clear clogged waterways.


read more https://www.khmertimeskh.com/50634381/floods-cause-chaos-in-preah-sihanouk-province/

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Was there recently, terrible now! Chinese run everything, the beaches, hotels, restaurants etc and fairly expensive  $65 for a basic clean hotel room.


Had some bad rain as well, and the bigger issue compared to say Thailand, is that most areas have no flood drains at all, and have little or no pavements.


Rubbish is just thrown onto the roadside in plastic bags, loose waiting say 1-2 weeks for collection.


The roads when concreted etc have been laid on powdery clay base so just fall apart with rain and the side roads are just powdery clay anyway!  So that means a dark thick brown flooding water that when it dries, solidifies on everything! 


So when you moan about Pattaya flooding etc think about it in Sihanoukville!


The locals hate the Chinese as they have no respect for them and most of the work available is done by Chinese.

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