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Possible late for 90 days report due US embassy holds passport.

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Hi recently applied for usa tourist visa. They took passport and waiting to be returned. Not sure how long it takes. 28 aug is my 90 days report. What if passport will not arrive on time? Should I go there and explain it or wait and go later and pay fine? Whats the fine? Any other consequences?




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I think you will have passport back before you 90 day report would be late and you having to pay a 2000 baht fine.

With the 7 days after the report date allowance you have until the 3rd of September.

If not if you have a copies of your passport, TM6 card and your last report receipt you could go to immigration with proof the embassy has your passport the might let your report.

Another option is to do the report online or by mail since you are still within the window for doing it that way. For mailing it in you would need the same copies I mentioned above.

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