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Drug addict jailed after threatening wife, kids

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On 8/21/2019 at 9:38 AM, Henrik Andersen said:

War against drugs is not lost 

It is drug user, they are lost 

And in any war in the world in the past to now have always been innocent people that get killed 

Thats why war is a dirty thing but sometimes important 

Nonesense The war on drugs does more damage than the drugs themselves. People who have a genuine problem with dependency need medical help not criminal actions. Those who are recreational users should just be left alone. Some people need regular medicine. They are dependent but we dont punish them. The war on drugs is a scam supported only by rogues and idiots. In Thailand 60% of prisoners are in for drug offences  often small amounts. Its women and the poor who receive the brunt of the punishment. Anybody who supports such scandalous injustice deserves some time in a Thai prison themselves. That might put a brake on their sanctimony.

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