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Video: TM30: Thailand’s controversial immigration laws and their consequences - FCCT event

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32 minutes ago, keith101 said:

I have the yellow residence book does my wife still need to do a TM30 after I return from a golf tour in Pattaya ?

If she for some reason get any ideas that you 'befriended' your caddie, a TM30 report would be a minor issue.

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17 minutes ago, losworld said:

no need to apologize for the xenophobic actions of the thai officials...

They used to do that in Thailand as well, at least in CM they did (14 years ago)

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50 minutes ago, Soi Dog said:

This reminds me of when I first visited the USSR in 1984.  I flew into Moscow, took a night train to Kiev and then returned to Moscow on another night train.  When I checked into a Moscow hotel the desk went nuts trying to figure out how I was on my third night in the USSR without having been registered anywhere.

That was in the good old days when commodore 64 revlutionized the world, but those days are all gone … 


Unfortunately this will sooner or later be the New reality and with that in mind then it's better to embrace the TM30 as long as it lasts … :thumbsup:




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