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TM30 Android Application Question

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1 minute ago, Kalasin Jo said:

So what does one do if Playstore says " this app is not available in your country" and can't download it?

See post directly above yours.

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On 8/17/2019 at 5:43 AM, mtls2005 said:


I tried, but had issues trying to hold the passport flat, steady, while holding the phone, also steady. far enough away to get the full MRZ code framed. Automated systems (scanners, kiosks, etc.) all have readers into which the passport slides snuggly.


Found it simpler to just enter the data manually using the keypad.

Not sure if this is important as I have already succesfully registered two TM30 Reports by typing in the Passport Number however I have been trying to use the MRZ function on a future test TM30 and I got the MRZ function to work. I have a Samsing Galaxy Tab-S with a blue fiber type protective folder type cover that I normally have it pressed into. I took the cover off and managed to press the opposite half of my Passport picture page into a pocket in the cover and lock the far side of the picture page slightly under the cover that the Tablet normally sits in please see photo (passport deliberatley facing the wrong side up for privacy). This method kept my Passport picture page firmly in place and steady on my lap and I was then able to use the MRZ function easily by holding the Tablet steady and keeping the Passport picture page as large as possible in the MRZ photo function window. I will do this now for all future TM30s.


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