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10 Italian tourists injured following bus accident in Lampang


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6 hours ago, worgeordie said:

Just imagine ,if there was Black Ice and snow here,the

population would be in rapid decline.

regards worgeordie

Then Darwin's Survival of the fittest theory will be very apt here.

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8 hours ago, TSF said:

I hope the hospital remembers to do 10 TM30 reports for these aliens.

Hey there is a bunch of injured people in the hospital due to no fault of their own.  Let's make dumb jokes about it. Hahaha.

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4 hours ago, bluesofa said:

The sad thing is, even allowing for the humour, it's not a low ball at all.


Ask Colinneil how immigration told his wife they were going arrest/deport him, while he was unconscious in hospital for weeks.

Colinneil was not a tourist, was he?  Thai wife.


Tourists have no responsibility for TM30 reports and there has never been a report of immigration bothering them about such a report 

(unless perhaps they are residents using tourist visas), has there?

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 I have been on tour buses in Italy. Drivers were always highly skilled and safe. People coming from western countries unfortunately think that the bus drivers in countries they visit are equally skilled. Riding a bus in Thailand can be a fatal mistake. Never trust your life to a Thai bus driver. Just not worth the risk.

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This is not the first story of Italians being injured or killed in Thailand this year. I wonder if the stories are getting back to the press in Italy for publication to warn potential visitors. I think the other recent story was the truck that recklessly flipped over on a Italian couple on a motorcycle and killed them.

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