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Tm30 reporting jomtien

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I went to do TM30 this morning as I to Hua Hin for the weekend. I was told that if you are on a retirement extension (or any other long term visa) and travel within Thailand there is no need to do TM30 when you return to your permanent registered address. You only need to do it when I return if I go out of Thailand.

The officer had three stars on her shoulders, so it is not as if it was coming from an admin assistant.

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2 hours ago, Bangna Betty said:

Did first ever TM30 reporting yesterday at Jomtien. Didn’t get to sit down, barely 5 minutes from beginning to end. 

That is good. First and only one I ever did, (for a guest at my place, not myself), I wasted a whole afternoon there waiting.

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On 8/18/2019 at 7:13 AM, Swiss1960 said:

I have not yet ever done a TM30 and not been asked for one in Jomtien, not even during the previous 90d report. 


Could be me having a yellow book for proof of address, could be my pink ID card that I use for all hotel check-ins when travelling in-country (might not get linked to my passport, who knows...). I will soon have to renew my marriage extension, I will the know whether I should have filed a TM30 or not...


That said... as the rules for TM30 and the enforcing of  them are pretty new, there are many different and contradicting stories out and I think that only over the next few months, more stories and eventually loads of non-reporting fines will clarify the situation...


For now, I sit back, relax, drink my coffee and wait and see and read what is happening...

have fun reading and posting all year about a possible immigration fine. sounds like a really relaxing retirement for you.

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