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Details of mandatory health insurance for Non-Imm O-A visas to be announced next week

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I would have thought with the millions of tourists flooding Thailand that they would be more of a medical problem then a few hundred expats living here !

Yes, but many expats can't get an insurance because of their age.

I still find this extremely hard to believe as the hospital will never let you leave until paid in full. How do you rack up a bill and then walk away?   All we can do is wait and see what

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15 minutes ago, mania said:

In any case anyone who does not see this becoming a mandatory part of all yearly visa renewals has not been paying attention.

Thailand is not shy about making it tougher for expats to live full time in Thailand

Not the point. They suggested to have wanted to have a mandatory pittance of a fee say like 100baht attached to all tourists coming in to cover all their healthcare costs if needed. For the O-A and if goes to the extensions for long term, so far any policy advertised is only something that rakes in a tremendous amount of money in a country that has low health care costs. If they are that concerned they need to adjust and have all expats of all ages covered under a policy for a straight out fee of say 20k per year. Ofcourse this would not cover the upper echelon or mid+ upper echelon hospitals, but would be suffice. We just hope it just doesn't turn out to be a money racket as on surface so far is how it looks. Buy unusable health care insurance. I don't think anyone is opposed to the idea as long as it is reasonable for what the country is. 


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