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Details of mandatory health insurance for Non-Imm O-A visas to be announced next week

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I would have thought with the millions of tourists flooding Thailand that they would be more of a medical problem then a few hundred expats living here !

Yes, but many expats can't get an insurance because of their age.

I still find this extremely hard to believe as the hospital will never let you leave until paid in full. How do you rack up a bill and then walk away?   All we can do is wait and see what

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16 hours ago, Searat7 said:

They are just getting their feet wet by applying new insurance requirement to those seeking a new O-A visa. Sooner or later I feel this rule will apply to those seeking extensions as well. It would simply be too chaotic to apply this to extensions right away. Time will tell. 

Exactly that's why I'm waiting to see what happens. 

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I think this is good as those who don't have insurance will realize the benefits of having it. If they can't afford it, they should not be living here as an extended tourist.

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6 minutes ago, dick dasterdly said:

agree entirely that we expats shouldn't expect to receive free medical cover, but surely it would be better if we were able to buy into the 'govt. scheme' at a reasonable price

would be good but highly unlikely.

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5 minutes ago, dick dasterdly said:

Ignoring the insults, you're (deliberately, I suspect...) missing the point.


More than a few of us have lived here for many years and (for various reasons) found ourselves unable to procure adequate insurance at anything close to an affordable price (if at all..) any longer.


The new 'scheme' doesn't help, as it's reasonable to assume that as the insurance demanded will only be obtainable from private companies, it too will be far too expensive and will also exclude any pre-existing conditions - and I know from others' experiences that nearly anything can be put down to a pre-existing condition.....:sad:


I agree entirely that we expats shouldn't expect to receive free medical cover, but surely it would be better if we were able to buy into the 'govt. scheme' at a reasonable price?

I am not insulting anyone. Many of you want special treatment and rebelling about what is going to be the law of the land. For whatever reason, the Thai government want it this way. If you can't be covered  for per-existing illness, and can't get medical insurance coverage, the pertinent issue is - what are you going to do when an illness arises and you are not insured for it? Do you expect a foreign government to finance all pre-existing illnesses ? I think not. Why should they, and it would be costly and a logistical nightmare to implement.

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5 hours ago, wgdanson said:

Who is that with please?

The UK health cover for non British  200 GBP  ( Bht 7,500 approx) is paid directly to the government at the time of your Visa application for certain longer stay (i.e. non-tourist) visas. It is part of the immigration process. I can't see that this actually covers their costs, but who knows. It doesn't cover prescriptions or dental for example, even UK residents we pay for that.




And there is no loophole:


When you can start to use the NHS

You can start using the National Health Service (NHS) when both:

  • you’ve paid the healthcare surcharge (or are exempt from paying it)
  • your visa or immigration application is granted
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On 8/18/2019 at 8:55 AM, burner2014 said:

Bt40,000 outpatient coverage???
This would be the worse. This means you need to buy a much more expansive coverage plan than you might need just for this visa. I am not interested in outpatient coverage and still forced to buy it?
This will shake out a lot of foreigners living here. As if the outpatient medical services would be the ones which have outstanding bills. No doctor treats you "outpatient" if you don't show your credit card or health insurance. It's all about emergencies (in terms of "open bills")

It looked a little high to me, so what I think they meant to say was 30k for ER Accidents such as getting smacked off a motorbike. That would make more sense.

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9 hours ago, yogi100 said:

Those who run the country are quite happy for you or any other ex pat to leave as they personally have no financial interest in your remaining.


Like many Thai people they don't want ex pats or long termers in their country. They won't come out and say it but they want you to leave.

Agree to a certain extent.  When you look at the financial changes for extensions of stay it is perfectly clear they do not want retired single men. There were no changes to the marriage extensions. I conclude then that they welcome people married to a Thai who have a genuine reason to be here as opposed to single men who - in their opinion I guess - really add no value to the country and in many cases may be seen as a negative on the culture,  wrt  to mongers and sexpats.  Traditional Thais are quite conservative,  though the bar dwellers are unlikely  to see this in their closed worlds of Pattaya and Phuket where the Thai women they meet there are their yardstick of all Thai women. 

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