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How many of you came to Thailand divorced or Separated?

How many of you are separated/ divorced and then came to Thailand?  

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I see a lot of older expats in places like Pattaya etc, some have just retired others are visiting 


im thinking there must be a lot of divorced guys coming to Thailand with the mature ages


Questions are 


     Did you come to Thailand having been divorced/ separated in your country ?

  Was your divorce/ separation a reason you came to Thailand, to get away ?


was it a painful separation and do you still carry guilt and regrets?


    If so, did you have children and do you keep in contact  with your kids now your living in Thailand ,and do you still keep in contact with your ex ,if not how long since you have had contact with your ex.?


 Do your children visit you in Thailand?


How do your children feel if you married a Thai partner?






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Already been divorced more than 30 years when I came, no kids.

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Came here by accident really,i liked it came back a few times in a short period,got ito business in BKK,eventually met my now wife ,we were courting for a year and she came to the UK for months,and stayed with me and my family,eventually married,i was still back and for ,eventually we came back to live here ,my family have all visited us ,as we have visited them.

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came here from the UK with my Thai wife of 21 years. I was widowed when we met all those years ago. 

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