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How many of you came to Thailand divorced or Separated?

How many of you are separated/ divorced and then came to Thailand?  

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On 8/18/2019 at 3:33 PM, Hans007 said:

5000 Pounds??? Holy <deleted>...that is serious money....I am just thinking what to do with that money if I am 3 weeks in Thailand,Vietnam or PHP...!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahah 🙂 I just would srew my balls off i think...LOL.


Sadly my Chinese GF is there to remind of me of being a serious man.....Hmmmm


I never would spend 5000 Pounds on just ONE women...NFW.


My first wife??(no kids with) I dont even know if she is alive!!! Didnt see her for 21 years...I hear she is in Italy now...alone...living on welfare!!! hahahahaha.

2 nd wife?? Sadly I must pay money for my son...which she forbids me to see....and I am sick and tired to pay laywers for lawcourts:-( Yes thank you Germany...with your Fokked up pro-women feminazi mentality!!!:-( Dankeschön!! I could puke.


So yes...lets try a nice asian lady instead...why not.



If you are not allowed to see your son after a divorce in Germany then there must be a reason why? Normally in a divorce in Germany the parents will get shared custody. Why is it sad that you have to pay alimony for your son?

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On 8/21/2019 at 5:17 PM, BritManToo said:

Everyone over 60 is in ill health.

Hardly any foreigners in Thailand make it to 70.

My pals have been dropping like flies.

I disagree with the comment everyone 'over sixty is in ill health'.

I smoke and drink but I also exercise - ride a pushbike everywhere and keep my brain active.  Only medication is anti-histamines.


When I go back to the UK I can walk much faster than my contempories and alot of the younger ones too.  I also have more energy than them.


Such a sweeping statement - it may be your experience but certainly not everyones.

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